28th Nov 2015

Nicolas Perpitch from ABC News Perth popped out to Gregsons Welshpool auction premises to take a look at the “mining workers fall from champagne lifestyle to working poor as resources sector jobs wane“. Below is some of the comments from Nic’s story..


“It is an all-too-common story among Western Australia’s mining unemployed, where many people thought the good times would never end.

And the big end of town is not exempt.

Jack Gregson, from Gregsons Auctioneers, said directors of mining services companies had been coming to their premises in luxury cars and leaving in a taxi.

“We have seen circumstances in Cottesloe when we go to repossess where the luxury car’s on the market, the house is on the market, and there’s a for-sale sign pointing to the house sitting on top of the luxury car out the front of the property,” Mr Gregson said.

“We’ve seen examples where the family home and industrial properties, where they run the business, are 100 per cent financed to the bank.

“There was no equity placed on the assets.”

The resources downturn is hitting the wider economy too.

House prices have been either flatlining or dropping all year.

Car sales are the worst in the country, down 10 per cent in October on the same time last year, according to the Motor Trade Association of WA.

And jobs are scarce. The state recently bucked a downward trend in national unemployment to record its highest jobless rate in 13 years, up from 6.1 per cent to 6.4 per cent this month.

At the time, Premier Colin Barnett said it was not as bad as expected given the drop in iron ore prices.



Nicolas Perpitch – ABC News