All the tools of the trade(ies)

6th Apr 2018

Gregsons is fueling the construction industry in Perth with a range of equipment that is affordable for sole traders. By bringing down the startup cost for tradies, we are able to support the ever-expanding construction industry in WA. Gregsons wants to make it easier for tradies to get started and have enough money to hire apprentices. We take pride in giving tradies the tools they need to support thriving local builders.

Gregsons has the many facets of construction covered with the wide range tools at a much lower cost than off the shelf. We have what tradies need to build up WA. Here are some of our top tools and the prices from previous auctions:


1. Drill :
Makita HR2230 Electric Rotary Hammer Drill 22mm 710W

– Gregsons -$100
– New – $219

2. Compressors:
Pilot Air K25 3 Phase air compressor

– Gregsons – $425
– New – $ 2,600

3. Welders:
Portable 3 phase 270S Unmig Welder with portable KT 50 Unmig Wire Feeder

– Gregsons – $275
– New – $1,605

4. Jigsaw:
Makita 4329 jigsaw

– Gregsons – $30
– New – $119

5 Grinder:
Abbott & Ashby 150mm Double Ended Bench Grinder

– Gregsons – $80
– New – $135

Many tools needed can be bought cheaper from Gregsons because they aren’t required to be brand new. A lot of our items sold are top brands including Makita, Ryobi, Milwaukee, Bosch and more. Keep an eye on our auctions to get in first on workshop tools and equipment. We look forward to continuing to provide the tools for local businesses, sole traders, and start-up tradies to build up the construction industry in WA.