Benefits of a generator in your home and workshop

18th Jun 2018

Benefits of a generator in your home and workshop 


Picture this: it’s a cold winter’s night and you’ve just got back from a long day at work – you’re looking forward to taking a hot shower or bath, cooking some food in the microwave and putting your feet up on the sofa for a Netflix binge. Well, if you don’t have any power, you can forget about it!

Power outages are most likely to occur during the winter season due to bad weather, which is often when you need power the most for essentials such as heating and hot water.

It’s no wonder why homeowners take up the largest segment of the portable and electric generator market! An estimated 57% of portable generators are purchased by homeowners (Frost & Sullivan) 

Whether it’s for your home, garden or workshop, a generator is the ideal power source when it comes to reliability and versatility. Gregsons auctions a wide range of generators – read on to find out why winter is the perfect time to invest!


Peace of mind


There really is nothing worse than an unexpected power outage (especially a power outage in winter!) Having a home backup generator provides constant reassurance that, if something were to go wrong, you’ve got yourself covered. It’s sort of like an unofficial insurance policy for homeowners! In day-to-day life, we rely on electricity at almost every level, from fridges and freezers to heaters and hairdryers – you shouldn’t have to go without the daily essentials!




Just like a good car, a residential generator provides comfort, speed, and reliability. If your main source of power goes out, a generator will allow you to recover any lost power quickly and painlessly. You don’t have to wait hours for a technician to come out to your house and diagnose the issue because a generator is easy to operate all by yourself!




You never know when you might have a power outage, but there are other benefits of having a generator at home! If your shed, garage or workshop lacks a mains power supply, a portable generator provides an alternative power source that is affordable, convenient and extremely versatile. Whether you’re welding in your workshop or operating power tools in the shed, a portable generator can be used across any electrical application.

Australians love the great outdoors, and the versatility of a portable generator means you can take it well beyond the confines of your home and workshop space! If you enjoy camping, a generator is the ideal camping buddy to bring with you on remote trip! From charging coffee machines to keeping cool with an electric fan – you never know when it might come in handy on the road!