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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Gregsons Auctioneers & Valuers located?
What is the Dominion Group?
Can I buy goods through Gregsons if I live overseas?
How do I locate Gregsons upcoming auctions?
Where can I find what items are in the auction?
How can I sell something of mine through Gregsons?
How can I get my assets valued?
Do I have to pay GST if I export my purchase overseas?
What is a Buyers Premium?
GST Inclusive & GST Exclusive Sales
When do I need to pay for my items?
What does vehicle registration status mean?
Can i inspect items that are in an auction?
If my bid does not meet reserve what happens next?
Licensed vehicle sold in Western Australia to another state – what happens?
What is a Gregsons Online Auction?
Where are these items located?
What is Buy Now?
What is Make Offer?
What is the difference between Gregsons Simulcast and Gregsons Online?
What are the different online services offered by Gregsons?
How do I bid in a Gregsons Online auction?
Can I adjust my bid if I make a mistake?
How do I adjust my bid?
What is a bid increment?
Where can I see Gregsons Online terms and conditions?
What is the difference between the sale end time and the lot end time?
What shipping options are available?
How do I know if I’ve won an item?
Why didn’t I win the item when I had the highest bid?
What does vehicle registration status mean?
What is a Gregsons Simulcast Auction?
How do I register for Gregsons Simulcast Auctions?
Where are these items located?
What do I do if I get an error message on my screen?
Why can’t I connect to the Gregsons Simulcast Auction?
Why can’t I hear any sound?
Why is the bidding page stuck on the first lot?
What does vehicle registration status mean?

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