Get ready for camping this summer

19th Nov 2018

Get ready for camping this summer 

There’s nothing better than loading up your trailer, and getting away from it all with a camping trip. Whether you’ve got a weekend or a couple of weeks to spare, it’s always important to have the right gear for camping.

We’ve got a round up of all your camping essentials to make packing for your next trip an easy task – less time spent organising, means more time spent on the road!



A decent sized Esky is an essential for every camper – no matter how bush you’re going, you always deserve a cold drink after setting up camp! Whether you use yours as a dedicated beer fridge, or for keeping your food cold, you’ll most definitely appreciate this camping essential when you’re sitting outdoors in the Aussie summer.

If you go camping regularly, it might be worth investing in a small fridge. You’ll need to set your vehicle up with enough power to keep the fridge running, but this is a great solution for those who don’t want to leave camp to go and buy ice every day once it melts. A great solution, especially for those staying in remote locations,


Tent or Swag

Whether you prefer sleeping out under the stars in a swag, or setting up a more spacious tent, a comfortable sleeping arrangement is a luxury that every camper can afford. Gregsons often sell swags and tents, which fly out the door due to high demand.

A good quality tent or swag is definitely a worthwhile investment, as the durable material means you can camp safely in harsh environments – plus, it’s going to last for years!


Camper Trailer

When it’s time to hit the road, what could be easier than throwing your gear in a trailer? There are so many types of camper trailers available – from a simple storage unit, to those with useful features such as a slide out kitchen and mattress – shop around and choose the trailer that’s right for your needs.

Turn your camping trip into a jam-packed adventure! There are so many great places to camp near the water, so why not consider checking out one of our Perth marine auctions? You can easily double up your trailer as both a storage space and a way to transport your boat. Summer camping and boat trips? Now you’re talking!

Gregsons has a major event auction MDC Camper Auction this November with camper trailers, tent accessories, and more – you can check it out online now: