Gregsons Over Gumtree

5th Jul 2017

Browsing and buying online is great when it goes smoothly. Unfortunately, we can all recall a time when things went sideways – maybe the item was damaged when it finally arrived from overseas, or the person who listed their item for sale in a local forum turned out to be a dodgy scammer.

Gregsons online auctions take away the risks of purchasing online by allowing you to browse from your armchair, but still inspect the items in person and buy through a trusted Australian company.

Online shopping: everybody’s doing it!

In our digital world it’s pretty likely all of us have been involved in an online transaction either on the buying or selling side. Almost all Australians with internet access have bought something online before, and one in four make a purchase at least weekly.

There are lots of ways to buy online including haggling via text or email while actually purchasing in person, using buy-and-sell sites. Although you meet the seller face to face in these situations, there is still an inherent risk of bad behaviour and scams.

Most online shopping platforms fall in to one of two camps:
1. Buying without inspecting, through legitimate sites that are based elsewhere (like eBay, AliExpress, and clothing retailers)
2. Dealing with strangers to pay cash for their unwanted items or sell your own, hoping they’re not a scammer (like Gumtree, Carousell, and Facebook Marketplace)

For your personal safety, and to protect your privacy (and credit card details), you need to be extremely careful when purchasing online. This is where we come in, offering secure online auctions for online purchasing without the risks.

The advantages of Gregsons online auctions

Gregsons online auctions are ideal for buyers and sellers alike. Buyers register for auctions and can inspect the items before bidding through our secure software. Sellers list their items knowing they are being handled by a fully licensed, professional auction house.

There are loads of advantages to buying through a Gregsons online auction:
• Instant acknowledgement of your bid, you’re not waiting hours for a text message
• You set the price and stop bidding when you feel like it
• Your personal details are never shared with the seller, or anyone else for that matter
• Pre-purchase inspections at our Perth auction house let you see the item’s quality yourself
• A secure purchasing portal supported by leading edge auction software completely protects your purchase

With excellent customer service and a safe, secure collection facility, Gregsons online auctions take the stress away for both buyers and sellers. You know the item actually exists because we have verified it, and there is no haggling over unfair prices.

You can find all sorts of things in our auctions that you might not expect because we deal directly with a huge number of Perth businesses, including liquidators and receivers.
From mining equipment, to cars, hospitality supplies and even computers, Gregsons online auctions are the safest place to find what you’re looking for at a great price.