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Your Guide To Buying At Gregsons


Gregsons have acquired some of the best online auction software in the world, to give you a smoother experience when you bid and buy.


Becoming a member means you can start bidding straight away. We have two types of auctions you can register for, Online and Simulcast:

Online Accounts let you bid in our online auctions only.

Simulcast Account let you bid in person at our Perth auctions or online during these live auctions.

After you register you can place an online bid at any time during an auction. Most online auctions last 7 days and simulcast auctions are live as it happens in our Perth auction house – the magic of technology!

We believe trust goes both ways for buyers and sellers. As part of this we require credit card information when you register. To make life simple all invoices below $1,000 (inc GST & BP) will be charged straight to your card.


Welcome friend! Now that you are a member, hit the BUY link at the top of the page to check out what we have on offer right now. Members can browse catalogues for online auctions and simulcast Perth auctions.

3. BID

The bidding process is slightly different for online and simulcast auctions:

Online Auctions

Once our catalogue goes live you normally have 7 days to bid. You can enter any bid amount as long as it is higher than the current bid, or simply click ‘Bid’ and the system will bid for you. You can see when your item closes with a handy live countdown, and auctions close item-by-item in lot order.

Simulcast Auctions

These auctions are live in our WA auction house so you can choose to buy online through the bidding system or attend the auction to bid in person. Online bids are processed in real time so you must be listening well and ready to push ‘Bid’ or you might miss out.

Always make sure you double check the auction’s GST status and the Buyer’s Premium on your item. That way there are no nasty surprises when the invoice arrives!


Congratulations! Winning an auction is a good feeling. When you win an online auction, you will automatically receive an email from the system confirming your winning bid. Alternatively, you can check all your winning bids in the ‘My Items’ section.

If you win an item in a simulcast auction you will be notified via email with an invoice from our office. This might take a bit longer than the robots behind the online bidding but you will still have an invoice within hours.


You have the choice of paying online through your ‘Invoices’ section or via our banking details on your invoice. We made it simple so you get your goodies as quickly as possible. Just remember payment terms are generally 48 hours after which you will get a friendly reminder call from our office.


The location of the items will be identified in each auction. Double check where your items are being held as they could be anywhere in WA. It is up to the buyer to collect the items within the collection period, which can be anywhere from 2 days to 7 days. After that period your items are considered to be unwanted and abandoned and nobody wants that!

Enjoy your new items and we will see you again soon at WA’s favourite auction house (that’s us).

Transport & Shipping

  • Don't feel like picking up? See our friends at Pack & Send to arrange a courier!


    Pack & Send
  • Are your auction items sailing away? See McLintock Freight Forwarders to arrange all your shipping & export needs


    McLintock Freight Forwarders
  • Bought something big and yellow at auction and need it moved? Call our friends at Loadshift to have it delivered to your door!


Now that you know how easy it is, just hit Start Browsing to grab a deal!

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