In the know: Australia’s Best Boating Forums & Communities

8th Jul 2019

Boating is a world of its own, and at Gregsons; we understand that within this world there is ship loads of need-to-knows out there – so staying up to date with the latest information, forums and boat auctions within your local and wider boating community is vitally important to making your work life or favourite past time the best experience it can be.


Local Updates

Staying in the know for what’s happening locally, in Perth and wider WA, can make your life much easier. Regulation updates, events and more can be found within various forums that need to be bookmarked in your browser.


Boating WA: is a non-profit organisation founded by everyday boating enthusiasts to ensure all who participate in recreational boating have easy access and a central route to the vital information, news and events that they might need.

Subscribe to the monthly eNews magazine or just keep an eye on their site for updates on a wide variety of recreational boating issues.


Department of Transport: the government site for the Department of Transport provides an area for all marine topics and services, ranging from aquatic events to planning your trip and boating safety. Much like Boating WA, you can choose to subscribe to their newsletter or just keep in mind that the Department of Transport has all your boating enquiries covered.


AusFish: is a great resource for local knowledge and discussions. You can participate in a number of discussions covering a range of topics, to learn new things as well as having the opportunity to impart your own expertise on to others.


Boat Reviews and Buying

Boat Advice: when researching potential boats, gear or tech to buy – Boat Advice has great updates on the latest of all of these, and reviews that make the decision easy before you head to our boat auctions.


Whirlpool: up for some lively debate? Whirlpool is your place. With various discussion forums, you can create your own thread with an enquiry or review to launch discussion from various other users and boat enthusiasts – very handy for potential buying situations.


Gregsons: make sure you are up to date with all the latest boat auction information via our newsletter; sign up receive details of upcoming boat auctions straight to your inbox.

Here at Gregsons we strive to provide the best buying experience possible, and by signing up to receive our newsletter we can ensure your in the know for all upcoming boat auctions; because buying your new boat should be easy to get you on the water QUICK!