Kambo’s Kitchen Auctions

7th Feb 2019

Kambo’s Kitchen Auctions

Kambo’s was a renowned whitegoods retailer in Western Australia, which first opened its doors in 1962. Sadly, the company went into administration in June 2018, with all six outlets forced to cease operations. As a result, Gregsons acquired thousands of ex-Kambo’s items to auction.

Gregsons has conducted 18 Kambo’s Kitchen Auctions since October last year, and will continue to conduct several more throughout 2019. With a 100% clearance rate so far, these items don’t last long!


What’s Available at a Kambo’s Kitchen Auction?

Due to the wide variety of items available, each auction has a different focus. Below are just a handful of the auction categories and items we’ve had up for sale so far:


  • Electric Kitchen & Home Appliances

We sold: Bluetooth speakers, Vacuum Cleaners, Blenders, Coffee Grinder/Machines, Rice Cookesr, Slow Cookers, Pasta Makers… and much more!


  • Homewares & Kitchen Utensils

We sold: Digital Scales, Picture Frames, Serving Bowls, Cheese Platters, Spice Grinders, Measuring Cups, Dinner Sets… and much more!


  • Cookware & Appliances

We sold: Roasting Dishes, Woks, Pressure Cookers, Casserole Pots, Panini Press, Deep Fryer, Induction Cooker… and much more!


  • Royal Albert China, Glassware & Tableware

We sold: Tiered Cake Stands, Tea Sets, Glass Vases, Scented Candles, Cutlery Sets, Placemats, Ceramic Kitchenware… and much more!


What to expect at the next Kambo’s Kitchen Auction

With items starting at only $9, bidding wars are commonplace! Thanks to the variety available, tere’s a large chance you’ll find what you’re looking for at our kitchen auctions – but don’t wait around! It really is a “here today, gone tomorrow” scenario.

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