Kitchen renovations made easy with our appliance auctions

16th Feb 2019

Kitchen renovations made easy with our appliance auctions


Renovating your home is an exciting task – but it can also be a very daunting one! You have to consider a large number of factors, from paint colour to furniture, all while sticking to your budget.

Read on to find out our top five tips that will help save you time and money when renovating your kitchen!


  1. Always have a plan

Before you get started on your kitchen renovation, it’s important to sit down and map out the objectives of your project and how you’re going to achieve them. Address the reason why you want to change each particular detail of your kitchen in order to find out whether a complete renovation is required. Once you’ve done some planning, you might realise that all you’ll need is a new coat of paint and a new kitchen island to transform the room!


  1. Do your research

Always shop around before making any purchases, as you can find some real bargains at our appliance auctions! Throughout the year, we hold a number of Perth kitchen auctions, which feature high quality appliances such as ovens, dishwashers, fridges and freezers at a fraction of the recommended retail price.


  1. Choose a theme

It’s always a smart idea to choose your desired kitchen layout and design ahead of time. Consider your lifestyle, your preferences and your budget by asking some of the following questions:

– Do you have a big family? If so, you’ll need to maximise on space in every way possible.

– Do you often host guests? You might consider a kitchen layout that encourages social interaction.

– Do you like modern or traditional designs? Choose a colour palette and appliances that complement your own tastes.

By asking the big questions up front, you’ll be in a good position to make informed decisions throughout the renovation process.


  1. Ask the experts

 If you’re struggling to formulate a clear plan or direction for your kitchen renovation, don’t be afraid to speak to the experts – after all, it’s what they do best! If you have the budget available, you may wish to hire an architect who can help create a custom design for you.

Working to a budget? That’s okay too! Speak to some local contractors about your vision to see if they can recommend a few ways to minimise costs while achieving your goals. So long as you’ve nailed the design and done all the necessary preparation, your contractor should be able to step in and take over from there, which will help to reduce the production costs for you!

Tip: make sure you know the exact size and type of your kitchen appliances before ordering any new cabinets, as you’ll need to build around them. Check out our upcoming appliance auctions where you’ll find a wide range of models and sizes to suit all kitchens!


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