One Man’s Trash: Why We Love Other People’s Stuff

22nd May 2017

The old adage “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” has stuck around for hundreds of years because it has always been true – what one person decides they no longer want could now be yours for a song at auction.

Owning some things from new makes sense. You wouldn’t seek out second hand undies or buy someone’s old footy boots but there are lots of treasures at auction that are just as good second or third hand as they are brand new.

Aussies love a bargain

Good deals are a part of Aussie culture. We love treasure hunting for a serious bargain: just look at stocktake sales or the lines for Boxing Day sales and you’ll see what we mean. When you buy a high quality second (or third) hand item at a Gregsons Perth auction you are pretty much guaranteed to get it for a steal, with a quality check thrown in.

When you are hunting for your next good deal make sure to check out our online auction catalogues. Bidding on our lightly used equipment means you set the price, so you never pay too much!

Why used equipment is a good purchase

In Australia we seem to embrace the recycling mentality even more than other countries. We love our Op Shop deals and we have done pretty well to reject sketchy ‘Black Friday’ deals. Also when more people buy used equipment they are discouraging poor manufacturing practices like planned obsolescence, but that’s a conversation for another time!

Recycling is part of the Aussie way of life. We happily pass around appliances, tools, pieces of furniture, and technology to our families. What surprises Gregsons as experienced used equipment auctioneers in Perth is how many people don’t know they can also find perfect quality second hand goods at auction.

Our used construction equipment auctions are always popular, as are our used car auctions especially when there is a piece of auto history up for grabs. However our smartest bidders look for the deals you wouldn’t expect like lightly used furniture, power tools, bikes, and new technology.

What you can find at an auction

This section should really be what you can’t find at one of our auctions. Since 1929 Gregsons have run Perth’s most trusted, plant auctions, truck auctions and used construction equipment auctions (including farm and mining equipment) and everything in between.

We assess the quality and condition of absolutely everything before we add it to the catalogue. Even computers, tablets, phones and TVs regularly go up for auction provided they are lightly used and still in working order.

Gregsons used equipment auctions in Perth

You might be surprised by what you can find at a storage unit or used equipment auction in Perth. Cars, 4WDs, trucks, mining and farm equipment, right through to furniture and technology is all up for grabs if you know where to look (up the top of this page in our BUY section).

Browse through the pages of our online auctions to see what pre owned treasures are going for a sweet deal. You might just find that dream vintage car, a new computer or TV, or even a jet ski!