The modern clash of the tech titans: Apple vs. Samsung

7th Sep 2018

The modern clash of the tech titans:  Apple vs. Samsung

The debate that has separated millennials everywhere: are you an Apple or Samsung user?

We have seen many Apple and Samsung products come through our mobile phone auctions and our experts place value on both manufacturers. But which one actually has the most user value? Our Gregsons team weighs in and gives some helpful insights when it comes to choosing an Apple or Samsung product.

To even the playing field, let’s evaluate the NEW Samsung Galaxy Note 9 which launched on August 24, with the same price tag as the iPhone X. While Samsung tends to have a lower price point than Apple products, the NEW note is the exception. We have compared some of the iphone X and Galaxy Note 9 features to see which phone really adds the most value.

  1. The Design
    – Both glass with sleek, modern designs
    – Both are water resistant, although the Galaxy Note 9 can be slightly more submerged in water than the iphone X
    – The Galaxy Note 9 is slightly bigger and heavier (an extra 25 grams)
    – iPhone X has no headphone jack, so you need dongles
    – Samsung has the Bixby button that you need to hack around to changeThe winner: iPhone

    2. The Screen
    – Galaxy Note 9 has best in class in the smartphone industry, with a 16.2cm screen as opposed to the iPhone’s 14.7cm.
    – Both share OLED screens, although Samsung’s is slightly sharper with 516 px.

    The winner: Samsung

    3. The Operating System
    – iOS can only be used on Apple devices
    – iOS has a high level of security, it’s easy to pick up and use, and has a beautiful design
    – Android is the most commonly used operating system globally on multiple different devices
    – Android is customisable and open source

    The winner: iPhone

    4. The Battery Life
    – Samsung boasts a battery that is almost twice the size of iPhone X, which will add some serious time to it’s battery life
    – The iPhone X averages around 10 hrs depending on usage

    The winner: Samsung

    5. Wireless Charging
    – Both phones are compatible with charging pads but you need to buy them separately.
    – Samsung products are compatible with different charger pads, unlike Apple which requires users to buy their specific pad.

The winner: Samsung

  1. Security
    – Iphone X has Facial recognition software to unlock your phone and access apps including banking. What could be more secure than your own face as a passcode?
    – The iPhone’s fingerprint sensor conveniently placed on the back of the phone creates a seamless experience when holding your phone to unlock it

The winner: iPhone

  1. Siri vs Bixby
    – Bixby can upload photos to your social accounts
    – Bixby offers a voice password to unlock phone
    – Siri is more reliable, with less lag time and the ability to understand more commands.
    – Bixby only supports 2 languages, whereas Siri is continuously expanding, with over 20 languages and counting.

The winner: iPhone/Siri


After looking at the specs and features of both phones, it’s clear that you’re getting more “phone” in from the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, but getting a more secure and seamless experience from the iPhone X . Either way, we may not invest in either product anytime soon, as there are loads of Samsung and Apple devices available for largely reduced prices at Gregsons. We are equal opportunity auctioneers, and cater for our iPhone and Android users, so keep an eye out for the next tech supply auction.