But, What Can I Sell With Gregsons?

28th Jun 2017

Since 1929 Gregsons have been the premier WA auctioneers which means always moving with the times.

We may have started out small selling war blankets from a shopfront on King St but nowadays we handle an incredible range of goods for businesses looking to reach thousands of public buyers.

After all, those WWII blankets would probably be smelling a little musty by now and our clients would rather offload mining machinery than blankets!

What you can sell at Gregsons live and online auctions?

From textiles to timber products, and from construction equipment to computers, we sell almost anything to a marketplace of 50,000+ active users. With nearly 200 online auctions and Perth live auctions every year Gregsons helps private companies, insolvency and insurance firms, and government departments to easily auction their goods.

Here are a few things we regularly see at our Perth auctions:
• Mining and agricultural equipment, from hi-vis gear to earthmoving machines
• Computers, office furniture, laptops, printers and other IT equipment
• Trucks, cars, and 4WDs
• Aviation (yes, including planes)
• Sporting equipment
• Catering and hospitality assets
• Boats and marine sundries
• Tools and hardware supplies

The buyers might be companies or individuals looking for a well priced item – whatever the case, our buyers know quality and they have an eye for good value.

Recently we have seen an uptick in the “yellow goods” market, that is used mining and construction equipment that is too good to be turned into scrap. The mining downturn hurt a lot of producers but many are using auctions to recover some of the losses in the form of quick cash, while buyers are getting a great deal at the same time. Win win!

Machinery sales and truck sales are on the rise, as is mining equipment despite the many major project completions across WA because a lot of stock can be repurposed to other industries. Check out Perth’s biggest auction if you don’t believe us!

Selling made simple

Hawking your wares at a Gregsons auction is easy; you could list your equipment for sale in the same time it takes to read this blog. To be able to sell your stuff, all we need is:
1. Information about the items
2. Decent photos
3. Your contact information
…and we’ll take care of the rest! Our Perth auctions can feature hundreds of lots or just a few, so whether you have a few trucks for sale or a whole mining camp worth of equipment and machinery, we’re happy to have a chat.

Free valuations

We are more than auctioneers – Gregsons provide fair, accurate valuations for all our prospective sellers. There’s no cost attached and obligation to sell once we value your assets.
We will always give you our next available auction date, or if we really like what you’re selling and you’re after a quick win we might even make an offer to buy it directly.
Are you ready to sell some unwanted assets? No matter if you have machinery, trucks, boats, earthmoving equipment, computers, or anything in between, Gregsons will help you find a buyer at a price you’ll both be happy with. Selling at a Gregsons auction is simple – follow the easy steps on our “Sell” page and you could have cash in the bank in no time!