Why second-hand cars at auction are often a better investment than new

24th Jun 2019

Buying a car brand new might seem like a fantastic idea – new car smell, gleaming paint job and all the latest tech – however, a lot of research suggests a new car’s value can fall as much as 20% across the first 12 months post purchase.

Second-hand vehicles offer much more than avoiding a significant post-purchase value drop and we have some handy tips on how to best go about navigating your next purchase, via our Perth-based car auctions.


Search and (Re)search the right car for you

Think ahead and take your time. Spend time thinking about what you will need from your next vehicle and consider the aspects that your current car is missing. Once you’ve established this, look into what cars are available in our up-coming auctions and match these with your needs.


Match your budget to the market

The Gregsons website allows you to look back over past car (and other vehicle) auctions, so you can get an idea of what your money is worth and how you should be spending it. We also provide a thorough breakdown of the car specs and any history/log books that are available.


Come and inspect any potential buys

If you’re based in Perth, come on down and have a look at the cars in our auctions. Whilst we list as much information as possible on each asset via the website, we always advise inspecting before buying.

Can’t see the vehicle in person? Not to worry! Call and speak to one of our friendly staff who may be able to provide some more information on a vehicle or how about arranging someone local inspect the car for you!

Don’t forget – if you aren’t inspecting it is buyer beware!


Bid online and buy

Keep an eye on our site for the latest car auctions then jump online to bid and grab yourself a bargain that won’t lose you a chunk of money when you drive it home.

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